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New Forest Ponies

Ponies have been a part of the New Forest for centuries. They are free to roam much of the area and are a common sight on heathland and in woodland.

Being so iconic, they grace many a New Forest landscape photograph. Here, however, they are depicted in their environment as worthy photographic subjects in their own right.

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Pony in Tantany Wood 
image ref 354 Pony in the Snow at Vinney Ridge 
image ref 387 New Forest Ponies in Mark Ash Wood in Autumn 
image ref 237
Ponies at Dibden Bottom 
image ref 358 Pony at Markway Hill 
image ref 360 Grazing Ponies at Park Hill 
image ref 369
Mare and Foal at Penny Moor 
image ref 370 Ponies in Whitten Pond 
image ref 382 Pony Drinking from Blackwater 
image ref 385
Grazing Ponies near Matley Wood 
image ref 320 New Forest Pony in Mark Ash Wood in Autumn 
image ref 291 Ponies Grazing in Brinken Wood 
image ref 351
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